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Video Makers Delight: Using Your iPad or Tablet and DSLR as a Teleprompter

iPad Teleprompter Kit

From watching the best-rated TV shows to editing clips, tablets and iPads are indeed highly versatile devices, offering high functionality, which also includes their ability to be used as a teleprompter.

That’s right – you may or may not already know this, but that gizmo you’re holding in your hands can double up as an effective teleprompter or autocue, as they are sometimes called.

You might find a plethora of apps on the App Store or Google Play store which are capable of automatically scrolling through a script – however, it isn’t quite the same as using an actual teleprompter, you’ll won’t get that natural feel of looking straight at the viewer of your video.


Using a Tablet as a Teleprompter – Here’s What You Need

Assuming you have a tablet, you’ll need to download a teleprompter app and load up your script. You’ll also need a proper video camera or DSLR. This is important because it will let you easily read the script, never taking your eyes off the camera so that eye contact can be maintained with the audience at all times. Naturally, you would want this because it will not only boost your confidence but also fulfil the purpose a lot better – to engage the audience.

An important aspect to consider is a teleprompter mount. The best teleprompter kits will already provide a mount along with a cloth hood to prevent light from hitting the camera lens at odd angles, and even a custom padded flight case for easy transportation. However, a really good teleprompter kit will also be able to accommodate your tri-pod easily without the need for any additional tools.

As soon as you’re set up, including the video camera which should be attached firmly, you can start recording.


Top Autocue Apps for Android Tablets and iPad

Using your tablet as a teleprompter can only be possible once you download an autocue app. Google Play offers plenty of apps which boast more or less the same features and functionality, although there are some honourable mentions.

Teleprompter Pro, for instance, stands out and also has an iPad version we would highly recommend. Key features include the ability to mirror text for an autocue system and let users control playback through a Bluetooth keyword. Not only that, but it also lets you import scripts from Dropbox.

If you want to use a completely free autoscript app, then Simple Teleprompter is worth the time and effort. Features revolve around the same functionality more or less – import text, change scrolling speed and colours and a lot more. We certainly can’t find much to complain about, given that it’s free. One standout feature worth mentioning, however, is “mirror mode” which integrates seamlessly with a professional prompter setup.

Teleprompter Premium for both the iPad and Android may be a tad pricey for some but it’s well worth its weight. In addition to the typical feature set, the app offers support for Bluetooth keyboards and Apple Watch, letting you wirelessly control the teleprompter’s speed through your keyboard or Apple Watch. Isn’t that something? Talk about saving time and energy.

Choosing the right teleprompter kit is the final piece of the puzzle – you’re all set!