how to measure VESA

VESA Explained

VESA is the name given to describe the millimeter distances BETWEEN mounting screw holes at the back of your TV.

The easiest way to find out if your TV is VESA compatible is to read your TVs specification or ask your supplier.  If this is not possible follow the simple instructions below.

How to measure VESA size:

Look at the back of your TV (see example image below) and measure the distances A and B as shown below.

VESA measurements are made in millimetres (mm).

Example: If A=200mm and B=200mm then this TV is VESA 200×200.

VESA Explained Forest AV

Standard VESA sizes:

75mm x 75mm

100mm x 100mm

200mm x 200mm

300mm x 300mm

400mm x 200mm

400mm x 400mm

600mm x 400mm

800mm x 400mm.

There are also other sizes like 400 x 600, 1000 x 600 and so on.