DS200 iPad teleprompter kit with 15mm rail rods


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Will this Teleprompter fit my tablet/Phone?
There are 4 different clamps provided with this teleprompter kit to use with a wide range of phones & tablets.

  • 50mm - 70mm
  • 60mm - 100mm
  • 105mm - 155mm
  • 140mm - 200mm

Will this Teleprompter fit my camera?
All mid-sized cameras/DSLRs will fit.

Create professional content with ease, thanks to this iPad teleprompter kit with 30cm long 15mm rig rods You’ll never have to memorise lines again - or break eye contact with your audience while filming - making it great for reading news or presentations.

You can record on either a mobile phone or medium-sized DSLR camera too - the adapters for both are included in the kit. Whichever you use, it’ll sit on a quick release plate with a built-in level to keep it steady and secure.

Just remember to download a teleprompter app* to it before you start recording. Then add your script, choose the scroll speed, and press start, and the text will appear on the reflective glass screen.

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