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Choosing the right iPad stand

Three things you need to know…

Displaying your iPad

You can display your iPad using a floor stand, wall mount or counter-top stand.

Wall mounts are screw fixed to a wall (or flat surface).  Floor and counter-top stands are available in free-standing and screw fixed options.


Know your iPad model?

It is important that you know which iPad model you have before ordering.  Stands & mounts are custom designed to fit individual iPad models (generations).


Anti-theft iPad Display

All our iPad stands and mounts come with built in lock and keys to help prevent theft.


You can use your iPad charging cable to charge your iPad while it’s locked in a stand or mount.  Our iPad stands and mounts have cable management either internal or externally.

Yes.  iPads have software settings which allow you to restrict access to your screen, buttons and apps.  View Guided Access (opens new window).