5 reasons why a TV stand is better than a wall mount

A TV is the focus point in many homes, so it makes sense display it for best viewing.  We believe this is best achieved using a TV stand instead of fixing it to a wall.

Here's 5 reasons why you should display your TV using a TV stand.

1. No drilling holes

Fixing a TV to a wall will require drilling holes into the wall.  This can be a problem if you are renting and do not have permission, or the wall is a wood framed stud wall which might not support a wall bracket, or you do not have DIY skills.

2. Easy to move

If you decide to change the layout of your room furniture you simply move the TV stand, this is not so easy to do if your TV is fixed to a wall.

3. Perfect eye level viewing

Your TV should be at eye level when you are seated, TV stands are designed for this, you can also adjust the angle of the stand for best view.  Mounting a TV eye level on a wall can look like hanging  a picture too low, it just doesn't look right or worse still, you mount it too high and get neck ache watching TV.

4. Easy cable access

Cables are easy to access and change when your TV is on a stand, cables are also easier to hide.  Cables on a wall mounted TV are harder to access and conceal.

5. Stylish furniture

TV stands make great furniture pieces in their own right.  Take a look at our TV stands and choose one that suits your personal style.